Courtesy Listings - Cats

The cats posted on this page are not part of AFRP’s adoption program. They are included on our website as a courtesy to individuals looking for homes for their cats. We give priority to animals looking for homes in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County. All cats and kittens must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for a courtesy post. Learn more about submitting a courtesy listing for a pet in need of a home.


AFRP has not met, evaluated or interacted with these animals and cannot make any guarantees about their health or temperament. To learn more or arrange a meeting with these pets, please use the contact information listed for each animal. Do not contact AFRP or fill out an AFRP Adoption Application for these animals. Adoption process and rehoming fee is at the discretion of the pet’s guardian.


Breed: DSH Black
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Posted 7-28-20. Omari is a handsome 2-year-old neutered male that loves other cats but has never been around dogs. He's a timid cat that is looking for a patient person who will take the time to earn Omari's trust. He is very sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you. Omari will do best in a quiet adult household with no children. He is an indoor only cat. Omari  is not an AFRP cat and he currently lives in Monterey. For more information please email Angela at or call 831-402-1367.

Don Ho 

Breed: DSH Tabby/White
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Posted 7-22-20. Don Ho is a friendly 2-year-old neutered male that loves people and enjoys petting and head-rubs. He is vaccinated and in good health. This guy is an alpha male and he does not like other cats. He'll need to be a single cat in the home. He's an indoor/outdoor savvy cat that will definitely keep other cats off your property! DH is not an AFRP cat and he currently lives in South Monterey County. Small adoption donation requested. For more information about Don Ho and how to help him adjust to a new home, please email Lisa at


Breed: Buff Tabby
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Post renewed 9-16-20. Tigger is a handsome 4-year-old neutered male buff tabby looking for a loving adopter that can monitor his health. He's a very friendly and social cat that greets guests that come to your home and loves to be around people all the time. He will sit near you when you eat dinner or watch TV. Tigger has a very easygoing temperament and he loves laying in the sun near a window. He has lived with dogs (maybe that is why he knows how to fetch balls!) and he is good with young children. He has perfect litter box manners and he loves to be petted and scratched under his chin. Tigger has a seizure disorder that is successfully controlled with phenobarbital. His family loves him very much, but they are away from home for long hours due to their jobs, and they are no longer able to give Tigger the care he needs. Tigger is not an AFRP cat. For more information please call Rosemary at 831-915-1438 or email


Mary Jane

Breed: Calico
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Posted 2-11-20. Mary Jane is a gorgeous 13-year-old longhaired calico that lost her home when her guardian passed away. She is spayed and is in good health. Mary Jane is a very sweet cat that loves attention and is a wonderful lap cat that enjoys petting. She is a talker and has wonderful litter box manners. She enjoys spending time in the sunshine in a safe outdoor space, and she never wanders very far. Mary Jane gets along fine with other animals, we are not sure how she does with small children. MJ is not an AFRP cat, and currently lives in Corralitos, CA. For more information about giving this great cat a loving home, please call Pat at 831-566-7425 or email


Yoda & Jetti

Breed: Brown Tabby & Black
Age: Senior
Gender: Both Male

Post renewed 1-7-20. Yoda (12-year-old brown tabby) and Jetti (10-year-old black cat) are wonderful cats looking for a home together due to an upcoming move. They are neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and in good health. Yoda is contemplative and affectionate - he loves feet and socks! Jetti is a handsome green-eyed boy with a sweet and joyful personality. He loves people. They are a bonded pair that love to cuddle together, play with a laser toy and chase their tails! They are indoor-only cats and seem to do fine with kids and friendly dogs. They are not AFRP cats and currently live in Pacific Grove. For more information contact Carol at 831-238-5795 or email