Courtesy Listings - Cats

The cats posted on this page are not part of AFRP’s adoption program. They are included on our website as a courtesy to individuals looking for homes for their cats. We give priority to animals looking for homes in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County. All cats and kittens must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for a courtesy post. Learn more about submitting a courtesy listing for a pet in need of a home.


AFRP has not met, evaluated or interacted with these animals and cannot make any guarantees about their health or temperament. To learn more or arrange a meeting with these pets, please use the contact information listed for each animal. Do not contact AFRP or fill out an AFRP Adoption Application for these animals. Adoption process and rehoming fee is at the discretion of the pet’s guardian.


Breed: DSH Black
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Male

Posted 10-14-21. Beautiful 1-year-old house panther needs a home! Nelson is a cautious guy who is looking for a human to bond with. He is shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he'll be your best friend! He likes to talk and follow you around. When he's really happy, he'll flop on his side and roll around purring next to you. His favorite thing is head scritches and cheek rubs, he will let you pet him all day long, even gently pulling your hand back to his face if he wants more. Nelson would love to have his own person to cuddle with at night and he likes a nice cat tower or window perch during the day to watch the world outside. He's currently living with two large dogs and doesn't seem to mind. He might be too much for other cats as he's young and rambunctious, but maybe with the right personality and age match he'd be ok. Current on his vaccinations, nuetered, microchipped and treated for fleas, he is ready to meet you. Nelson is being fostered in Carmel Valley. For more pictures or short videos contact Tamara 831-236-8645.

Harry & David

Breed: DSH
Age: 3 Months
Gender: Male

Posted 10-6-21. Harry (white nose) and David (black nose) are 3-month-old brothers with super sweet personalities. Just as special as a holiday gift basket, these bonded boys will make a wonderful addition to your family. With happy purrs when you pet them or pick them up, Harry and David are fun, happy and playful kittens that were raised in foster care with other cats. They are neutered and are up to date on vaccines. For more information about Harry and David, please contact Lisa at


Breed: Tortie-Point Siamese
Age: 10 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 9-30-21. Jinx is a soft and sweet 10-year-old spayed female tortie-point Siamese mix with a friendly and gentle personality. Her elderly guardian recently passed away, and now Jinx is looking for a new loving home. Jinx is great with children and is used to having a dog living next door. She was previously an indoor/outdoor cat, but she would adjust nicely to a safe, indoor-only lifestyle. Jinx is not an AFRP cat and she currently lives in Santa Cruz. For more information contact MarieLouise at 831-661-5775 or email  


Breed: DSH Tuxedo
Age: 9 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 9-14-21. Meet Mamacita, a beautiful tuxedo cat with amazing white whiskers. Sadly, neighbors reported that her owner passed away about a year ago and she was put on the street to fend for herself. Mamacita is currently in foster care in the Monterey area. She is independent, chatty, curious, playful and exactly herself. At almost 10 years, she is wise and knows what she likes: catnip and the be around people on her own terms.

Mamacita was exposed to a common cat cold when living on her own, and she developed a chronic sniffle. It does not slow her down a bit and she can live a normal, full life. If your home has other felines, we can talk to you about any risks due to her symptoms. Mamacita could live with respectful dogs and older kids She enjoys being combed and brushed, but not picked up or held. She will find your lap when she's ready. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines and flea preventative. She had a full senior blood panel in March and her results are normal. For more information pics or short videos contact Tamara at 831-236-8645.


Breed: DSH Orange Tabby
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 6-11-21. This is Loki! He is a handsome, loving, healthy cat in need of a new home due to some landlord issues. Loki is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. He is a smart, communicative cat that will greet you at the door, take naps by your side and curl up on your lap. He has been an indoor-only cat with access to a garage. He was previously a stray. Loki loves people but he had some issues with the other cat in the home. He'll probably be happiest as a single cat in the household. He is unknown with dogs. Loki is not an AFRP cat. If you can give this great cat the loving safe home he deserves, please call Elizabeth at 831-214-8762.



Luke & Chewie

Breed: DSH
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Posted 2-16-21. Luke and Chewy are 4-year-old brothers that would like to be adopted together! They are healthy, neutered, and up to date on vaccines. Their owner found them as newborn kittens on his patio, and they have always been together. Luke (grey tabby) loves attention and he'll greet you at the door and roll on your feet when he wants attention. He's a true lap cat that likes to be held and enjoys taking long naps and playing with his brother. Chewy, (orange tabby) is also lovable but is a bit shy and he'll run and hide when he is stressed. He loves to chase laser pointers, lounging on the sofa, perching at the top of the cat tree and bird-watching from the window. He loves attention, but on his own terms. Their guardian will give their new adopter their cat litter boxes, cat tree, toys, and other supplies. Luke and Chewie are not AFRP cats and currently live in Newark, CA. For more information please contact Eric at 408-772-1180 or email