AFRP Medical Fund

Animal Friends Rescue Project fills a niche in our community by rescuing animals that would otherwise be euthanized. The animals that need our help the most are those animals that will never make it to the adoption floor because of major or minor medical needs. Our municipal animal shelters do not have the funding or resources available to help these dogs and cats, and that’s where AFRP steps in.

The animals featured on this page were scheduled to be put down because they were injured strays that could not be put up for adoption at local shelters. AFRP transfers these at-risk animals to our AFRP Vet Clinic, where they get the compassionate and skilled care they need to recover and go on to find loving, lifelong homes. When necessary, we contract with board certified specialists to provide services. Your support makes these lifesaving rescues possible!

  • Examples of Major Medical Procedures and their Associated Costs to AFRP:

FHO surgery (for hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, fracture): $1,200 - $2,000

Parvovirus treatment: $1,000 - $2,000

Amputation: $800 - $1,500

Pinning or plating of broken bones:  $1,800- $3,500

Enucleation (eye removal surgery): $800 - $1,200

Dental/Extractions: $500 - $1,200

Please help by making a donation to our general medical fund, or donate towards the care of your favorite animal in need below. Your gift will save lives. Thank you!

AFRP Medical Pets

Featured Medical Pet of the week


Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Female

Charly is a a 1-year-old Longhaired Chihuahua mix that was part of a group of dogs that came to AFRP from the Bakersfield Animal Care Center after being rescued from a hoarding situation. Charly is the mother of Willy, the puppy that needed to have his malformed leg amputated. Charly has some physical challenges too, with Grade 4 and Grade 3 Luxating Patellas (dislocated knee joints) in her hind legs. A grade four is the worst, and is permanently out of place. Charly will need orthopedic surgery on the grade 4 knee, and possibly on the other knee too. This will help prevent painful joint complications from arising in the future. Please consider making a small donation to help give this little dog the second chance at a happy life she deserves. Thank you!

Charly's Donors

FOCAS (Friends of Community Animal Services)



Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: Young
Gender: Male

Merlin is a super-sweet and affectionate 8-month-old brown tabby that was surrendered to a local vet hospital for euthanasia after breaking his hind leg. We were able to take Merlin into our program and get him the orthopedic surgery he needed to save his leg. We'd like to thank Dr. Ian Stone for performing the surgery to pin Merlin's broken bones at a deeply discounted rate. Merlin is currently in foster care getting lots of petting and encouragement while he recovers from his procedure. Once he is running, jumping and playing once again, Merlin will be available for adoption. Thank you for making a donation towards Merlin's medical care. He is grateful for his second chance!

Merlin's Donors

FOCAS (Friends of Community Animal Services)



Breed: DSH Orange Tabby
Age: Baby
Gender: Male

Jack and his siblings came to AFRP from the Monterey County Animal Services as tiny abandoned orphans. They were all in rough shape, but Jack was not only sick, he had one eye that was protruding and scabbed over. His eyeball had ruptured and needed to be surgically removed. Jack underwent surgery on May 21, and he went back into foster care to recover from his procedure. Happily, this shy little guy has been healing nicely and he's adjusting to living as a one-eyed cat. Thank you for donating towards Jack's medical care and helping us be there for animals in need.

Jack's Donors

FOCAS (Friends of Community Animal Services)



Breed: DSH Tabby Grey
Age: Baby
Gender: Female

Marliya, a sweet 3-month-old kitten with a congenital deformity, underwent a special procedure that will allow her to live a long, healthy life. She was born with Pectus excavatum, a congenital defect which occurs when the sternum and ribs grow in an unnatural way, limiting the amount of space available in the chest for the heart and lungs. Marliya underwent surgery with Dr. Dearmin at Monterey Pet Specialists on Thursday, January 23. He has successfully treated this condition before, and we are grateful that he worked his special magic on Marliya. Please send your positive thoughts to this precious kitten as she continues on her journey of healing.

Marliya's Donors

Anna Speers


Breed: Chihuahua  Mix
Age: 1 year
Gender: Female

Oreo is a sweet Chihuahua mix pup that was the victim of animal cruelty, and her case is currently under investigation. Someone in her household had wrapped a rubber band or string tightly around her abdomen, where it became deeply imbedded. We were contacted by our rescue partners at the Monterey County Animal Services for help. The shelter vet applied some temporarily stitches to hold Oreo's wound together, and we had Oreo transferred to VCA All Pets Vet Hospital where she will undergo surgery to have the dead tissue removed and the healthy margins stitched together. As animal lovers, it breaks our hearts to see this type of injury. We are grateful that little Oreo will have a chance to heal and find a happy, forever family. Thank you for your donations towards Oreo's medical expenses.

Oreo's Donors

FOCAS (Friends of Community Animal Services)


Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 8 Weeks
Gender: Male

Ryder is a friendly 8-week-old pit bull puppy that came into our program when our rescue partners at the Monterey County Animal Services reached out for help. Suffering from an extreme case of Cherry Eye (prolapsed third eyelid) in both eyes, Ryder was in need of corrective surgery to relieve the eye discomfort he has known since he was born. Ryder is scheduled for surgery and in the meantime he is getting pain medication and eye drops 4-6 times per day to reduce the inflammation in his eyes. The estimate for Ryder's surgery (both eyes) is $1,245. Donations towards his medical expenses will help this pup go on to live a happy, pain-free life in a home of his own. He'll be available for adoption once he has healed. Thank you!

Ryder's Donors

FOCAS (Friends of Community Animal Services)

Nellie Bean

Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Age: Senior
Gender: Female

Nellie is an adorable 9-year-old pit bull mix that returned to our care when her guardian could no longer care for her. Placed in foster care, Nellie's happy personality actually got her into a bit of trouble! She developed Happy Tail Syndrome, which happens when large dogs wag their tails constantly, and hit them against solid objects like tables, walls or chairs. Nellie's tail developed bleeding ulcers that would not heal because she could not stop wagging! The only solution to this painful problem was amputation of her tail, but don't worry, Nellie still has a good sized stump that she can wag without the worry of injury. Nellie's tail surgery came to $900. Donations are much appreciated!

Nellie's Donors

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Breed: DMH Black
Age: Young
Gender: Male

Ray is a friendly 6-month-old longhaired black kitten that was found as a stray and raised in foster care. Sadly, he was born with an eyelid abnormality called eyelid agenisis. This is a condition where the eyelids do not develop normally. The lack of a protective eyelid means that the eye is in direct contact with eyelid hairs, causing irritation and potentially corneal ulceration and scarring. The veterinary ophthalmologist recommended reconstructive surgery to correct the condition and provide relief from pain and irritation. Ray underwent surgery to correct his eyelids on 3/31/20 and he is currently recovering in foster care. We are happy we could give this sweet boy the opportunity to open his eyes without pain. We are hoping to raise $2,8000 for his special surgery. Thank you!

Ray's Donors

Anna Speers
Clara Wang


Breed: DSH
Age: Senior
Gender: Female

Puff is a lovely 12-year-old buff tabby with sea-green eyes. She was adopted from AFRP as a kitten, and recently came back to our care due to a divorce. Like many older cats, Puff has renal failure and to keep her kidneys happy, she's on a special diet and requires sub-q fluids several times a week. Puff is currently seeking an adopter or a long term foster home that can care for her medical needs as she ages. Your donation to Puff's medical care will help pay for regular blood work, prescription food and subcutaneous fluid supplies.

Puff's Donors

Clara Wang


Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Corky , an adorable Chihuahua/Terrier mix, had a very unpleasant encounter with a car when running as a stray in Salinas. He arrived at the Salinas Shelter in a lot of pain. Poor little guy had multiple abrasions, a broken elbow on his front leg, and a pelvis that was broken in two places. He was unable to bear any weight on his hind legs. Happily, AFRP was able to take Corky and get him the veterinary care he so desperately needed. He underwent orthopedic surgery at VCA All Pets Veterinary Hospital on July 13. His broken elbow and his pelvis were repaired with plates and screws, and he is expected to make a great recovery. Corky will be available for adoption once he has recovered. Thank you for helping AFRP come to the aid of the injured pets in our community by donating towards their medical expenses.

Corky's Donors

Rae Darabont
Pats Volpe

Prince Phillip

Breed: FIV+ flame point Siamese mix
Age: Senior
Gender: Male

Prince Phillip (aka Magnus) is a 13-year-old FIV+ flame point Siamese mix that was found living on his own in an industrial area of Salinas. One of our community cat volunteers noticed him when he fell from a wall to the sidewalk below. She realized he was completely blind and was in desperate need of rescue. Price was examined at the AFRP Vet Clinic and even though his condition was very poor, he was a very good boy and seemed grateful for the help. Prince was examined by the veterinary ophthalmologist and she confirmed that he is completely blind, and will need to be monitored for signs of discomfort, in which case his eyes will need to be removed. In the meantime, he is being pampered in foster care and he's getting all the love he deserves.

Prince Phillip's Donors

Teresa Jorstad
Robin Cornell
John Gianelli
Barbara Espe
Clara Wang


Breed: Tabby
Age: Senior
Gender: Female

Maggie is a sweet and gentle 15-year-old brown tabby that came to AFRP when her elderly guardian could no longer afford her care. She is an FIV+ cat that was also diagnosed with feline diabetes. She is currently getting lots of love and attention in foster care. If she does not find an adopter, she will live out her days as a hospice foster cat with AFRP. Maggie is on a special diet. Happily, losing weight got her diabetes under control, and she no longer needs insulin injections. We greatly appreciate donations to help with her medical tests and supplies. Thank you!

Maggie's Donors

Shari Roehl
Clara Wang

Karen Wright


Breed: DLH
Age: Senior
Gender: Male

Toby may be a senior, but he's not too old to enjoy catnip! Toby came to AFRP from the Salinas Animal Shelter as an injured stray. This old guy must have done his best to survive as an outdoor cat, but was losing the battle. He had multiple wounds plus old scars from previous injuries. Skinny and arthritic, he was badly in need of some TLC. The folks at the Salinas Shelter did not want to put this sweet boy down, and reached out to AFRP. Once in our care, Toby underwent a series of tests that showed an abnormality in his chest, spleen and liver, and an abdominal mass. His long term prognosis is unknown. Happily, Toby is now in hospice foster care, and is getting lots of love every day, enjoying regular brushing, yummy food, and a sunny catio to enjoy on nice days. Thanks for helping AFRP give the gift of comfort to a terminal kitty.

Toby's Donors

Clara Wang
Karen White
Marta Bulaich
AFRP Supporter in honor of Alex, Sadie and Rosie