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Hi, I'm Benny. Adopt Me!


Brown Tabby

Adult, Male

Looking a bit like a well-loved teddy bear, Benny may be a bit worn around the edges but he’s got a heart of pure gold. This 10-year-old brown tabby loves attention and he will follow you around the house giving head butts, asking for petting, enjoying belly rubs and kneading with contentment when he’s snuggled on your lap. Benny is a curious, outgoing and friendly older gentleman with perfect litter box manners and a gentle demeanor. He loves to chat with happy meows, and he is an enthusiastic eater at meal time. Currently in foster care, Benny has not had experience with kids, dogs or other cats. Rescued from a rough life on the streets, Benny did test positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).  This means he needs to be an indoor-only cat and might do best as a single cat in the household, or live with another compatible peace-loving cat. Read more about FIV. Benny recently had a dental and he is in good health. Currently in foster care, meet and greets with Benny can be arranged once your online cat application has been received and approved.