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Hi, I'm Hope. Adopt Me!

Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Brindle and White

Baby, Female

One of our patriotic puppies born on the Fourth of July, Hope is a sweet 2-month-old, 13-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix with a brindle and white coat. She and her three sisters were bottle fed in foster care from the time they were 3 days old. We are guessing the puppies will weigh 60 – 70 pounds as adult dogs. Hope is a smart, playful, active and friendly puppy that loves to chew, romp with her sisters and soak up as much love and attention as you can spare! She is just now starting to work on potty training skills. Hope is looking for an experienced adopter that can continue her education, enroll her in puppy obedience classes and include her in daily activities. Prior experience with bully breeds is a plus, as is being a homeowner, since this breed is banned from many rental properties. After a rough start in live, Hope deserves to become a shining star and a wonderful ambassador for her breed. Due to her size and energy level, adult household or family with kids over age 10 preferred. Hope is currently in foster care. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been approved.