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Kids Making a Difference

Young people are passionate about helping animals, and often ask how they can help the AFRP animals that are waiting for homes. There are many ways to help, including raising funds to help with animal expenses. You're never to young to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal!

Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a Bake Sale
  • Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale
  • Participate in a Walk-a-Thon
  • Organize a Car Wash
  • Have Birthday Party guests bring animal supplies to donate
  • Organize a classroom donation drive
  • Donate proceeds from a lemonade stand
  • Collect aluminum cans and donate proceeds

Be creative and come up with an idea of your own.

Here’s what some other kids have done to help:

In July we were treated to the silly giggles and proud grins of ten busy Brownies from Troop 33162 from Toro Park School. The girls had decided to use the proceeds from their Girl Scout cookie sales to help AFRP animals.

Turning Samoas and Thin Mints into cat toys, dog harnesses, chew toys and kitty litter, how cool is that? Best of all, the girls presented AFRP with a check for $750 earmarked for the Feline Family Fund to sponsor a mamma cat and litter of kittens. (In photo standing left to right are: Rachel Roberts, Olivia Robledo, Gillian Horak, Cienna Kennamore and Renee Ortega. Kneeling left to right are Alexandra Clark, Grace Parker, Sarah Flynn, Jillian Wilcox and Lindsey Meeks. Back row: Michael Kirch with Butterscotch, Alexandra McCabe.)

Thanks to the girls, we were able to rescue Izzie and her litter of four adorable orange tabby kittens from the Salinas Animal Services. Later on, two of Izzie's kittens were adopted by families of the Brownies!

Talk about someone who understands compassion at an early age! Mira, a feline-loving first-grader at Carmel River School, recently celebrated her birthday. But instead of expecting to receive birthday presents for herself, Mira asked her party guests to give donations to help homeless animals.

Soon after her birthday party, Mira stopped by the AFRP Adoption Center With a hand-written card to AFRP and nearly $125 tucked inside. She stayed to visit with the cats and kittens that would benefit from her generous gift. Here's what her note said:

Dear Animal Friends-
Please use this mony to hlep sick kittens because I really like cats. I raised this mony from my 7th birthday party for AFRP. 
Mira M

Mira -- from all the animals at AFRP, thanks so much for your compassion and generosity!

Sarah, a sixth grader at Buena Vista School is a very active member of Girl Scout Troop 33044. The Bronze Award is the highest award for junior girl scouts, and we were thrilled that Sarah chose AFRP as the beneficiary of her commitment to help others in her community.

Sarah made flyers about her project to help homeless animals, soliciting donations of towels, dog and cat food, toys, treats and other animal supplies. Her neighbors, classmates and other members of the community responded with many wonderful donations, which Sarah proudly dropped off at the AFRP Adoption Center in May. Thank you Sarah for your caring and commitment. We know you will continue to be a positive force in our community!

Gabriel, a first grader at Robert Down Elementary School, loves rabbits! He and his family currently have 4 rabbits at home, three of which were adopted from AFRP. Gabriel decided that for his seventh birthday, he would like to ask his party guests to bring presents for homeless rabbits instead of for himself.

As a result, the adoptable bunnies at Posh Pets were the lucky recipients of new hay, treats, toys and rabbit houses. Gabriel currently helps his mom at offsite rabbit adoption days, and hopes to have his own rabbit and cat sanctuary when he grows up! Thank you Gabriel for your generosity and dedication to our animal friends!

Kobi, a fifth grader at Forest Grove Elementary School, recently stopped by the AFRP Adoption Center. Kobi had saved up $40 and wanted to do something meaningful with his money. He went to a local pet store and purchased cat and dog toys and supplies to give to the AFRP dogs and cats waiting for homes. Dylan the three-legged cat enjoyed visiting with Kobi and loved his new cat toys! Kobi has two dogs and two cats at home (including one adopted from AFRP) and he plans to become a small animal veterinarian when he grows up. Thank you Kobi for your generous donation and your love for animals!

The 19 kindergarten students of Ms. Wendy Hendricks and Ms. Sneha Panholzer at Stevenson Lower School decided they wanted to help homeless animals as a class project. They studied the Wish List posted on the AFRP web site, and got busy collecting everything from dog toys to kitty blankets. Each child brought their donation to class and talked about the item they chose for the animals during their sharing time. One sunny warm day in October, student Abby and Ms. Hendricks brought the donated dog and cat supplies to the AFRP adoption center. A big thank you to all the animal loving students at Stevenson Lower School!

The Paws and Claws Club at Pacific Grove Middle School was founded by sixth-graders MacKenzie and Josette in order to raise awareness about animals and to help local animal shelters. The club has 20 enthusiastic members and they meet every Tuesday during their school lunch hour. In September Mackenzie and Josette stopped by the AFRP Adoption Center to donate $155.40 from a bake sale the club held. Both girls are hoping for future careers as either veterinarians or advocates for animal welfare. They enjoyed visiting the cats at the adoption center, and especially enjoyed the kittens Keats and Tennyson. Thank you Mackenzie, Josette, and all the members of the Paws and Claws Club!

The first graders of Scotts Valley Brownie Troop 1013 love animals! They took a vote to see what organization they wanted to donate the proceeds of their community service project to, and Animal Friends won hands down. The girls had worked very hard selling Girl Scout cookies, and were very proud to donate to AFRP not only a check for $150, but also over $100 worth of pet supplies that they went shopping for at PetSmart. Thank you Brownies for your generous donation. The AFRP dogs and cats awaiting permanent homes thank you too!

AFRP turned 10 years old in June, and so did Alexis! For her 10th birthday, Alexis wanted to do something special for animals. Soon to be a 5th grader at Holy Cross School in Santa Cruz, Alexis decided to ask her party guests to bring donations for AFRP dogs and cats instead of gifts for herself. Over 50 guests attended the party, including Alexis' entire class.

Alexis recently stopped by the AFRP Adoption Center to present her donations to AFRP Executive Director Alexandra McCabe. She brought a big bag full of dog and cat treats and toys along with a cash donation of $341.00. Alexis enjoyed spending some time in the AFRP cat enclosure, playing with the cats and kittens that will benefit from her generous gift.
Thank you Alexis!

William, a first grader at Junipero Serra School, celebrated his 7th birthday in early March. William's family had adopted their family dog, Penelope, from AFRP, and William wanted to help other dogs and cats that did not yet have families of their own. He decided that for his birthday party, he would ask his guests to bring items on the AFRP Wish List instead of toys and gifts for himself.

William made posters with photos of the AFRP dogs and cats looking for homes, and passed out brochures and information about Animal Friends Rescue Project at his party. William's entire class attended, and by the end of the day there was a very impressive assortment of items for AFRP animals: dog and cat toys, blankets, cat treats, scratching pads, bowls, collars, leashes and even cash and checks! Thank you William for your generosity and compassion for homeless animals!

Gunnar and his dog, Stoli, make a special stop at the AFRP Adoption Center in December. Gunnar presented AFRP Executive Director Alexandra McCabe with a check for over $600 raised at his recent birthday party! Gunnar wrote:

Dear Animal Friends,
Thank you for helping the animals. My friends brought money instead of presents to my birthday party and we raised over $600! I gave $126 of it from my own wallet. I did this last year and I want to do it next year again. You guys are the best! I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up so I can heal animals. I wish there were enough homes for every single dog and cat. I would like to rescue them all. They deserve it! Animals are just like humans. We are both living creatures. Animals always make me smile in all sorts of ways. It feels good to help animals!

Another Animal Friend,
Gunnar, age 9

Katherine, a member of Cadet Senior Troop 2024 wanted to incorporate her love of animals into her 40 hour community service project for Girl Scouts. She studied the AFRP web site and stopped by the adoption center to pick up information to distribute. She spoke about AFRP and the needs of homeless dogs and cats in front of her church and scout troop, asking for donations of the items on the AFRP Wish List. Katherine and her friends and relatives sewed and crocheted beautiful cat cage blankets with materials donated by The Hand Maden of Pacific Grove.

In early July, Katherine came to the AFRP Adoption Center with all the fruits of her labors--boxes and bags filled with dog and cat toys, blankets and towels, cat carriers and litter boxes! She stayed to pet and visit with the cats and dogs at the adoption center that would benefit from her donations. It was truly inspiring to see what one determined and dedicated young lady could accomplish. Thank you Katherine, for making a difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats!

Sarah, a fifth grader at Robert Down Elementary School in Pacific Grove, is a true animal lover. With a dog and two cats at home, Sarah decided to reach out and help some other animals that were not so fortunate. She placed a donation box for AFRP in the front office at her school, and spoke to different classrooms about making donations to help dogs and cats in need. In May, Sarah brought a large envelope to the AFRP office, with the $94 her classmates donated. While at the Adoption Center, Sarah and her mom filled out a volunteer application and plan to volunteer together for AFRP this summer. Thank you Sarah!

Tori and Jackie of Salinas love dogs! For their 10th Birthday Party, they decided they would help dogs in need instead of asking for presents for themselves. They had a "Puppy Party" and all their guests were asked to bring gifts for homeless dogs.

In early April, Tori and Jackie arrived at the AFRP adoption center carrying bags and bags of items donated at their birthday party. Thanks to these generous girls and their friends, our foster dogs have a brand new supply of chew toys, dog bowls, leashes and collars, dog treats and gift certificates to pet supply stores. Tori and Jackie each chose a dog toy to give to the dog Russ, who was at the adoption center waiting to be adopted.

For his third birthday, Bridger asked his parents if he could give food and toys and beds to the homeless animals like his big sister Parise did for her birthday five months before. Friends were asked to bring dog and cat food and any other supplies to the party instead of traditional birthday presents.

Then one sunny Saturday, Bridger's whole family went to the AFRP Adoption Center in Pacific Grove and delivered the donated items. Everyone had a fun time petting and visiting some of the homeless dogs and cats. Meeting the animals helped little Bridger really understand the importance of his birthday decision. It was a wonderful learning experience for him!

Christmas came a little early for the dogs and cats at the AFRP Adoption Center. Lisa Maddelena, Children's Librarian for the Pacific Grove Public Library made an unexpected but very welcome visit in early December, carrying boxes of donated animal supplies. The Junior Friends of the Library, a club for 4th - 6th graders, holds an annual Christmas party. This year the members decided they would bring gifts that would make the difference in the life of a homeless animals. They plan to make their donations to Animal Friends a yearly tradition!

Aromas Day is a charming small town celebration held every August, complete with pancake breakfast, musical entertainment, craft fair, food booths and parade. This year Salinas High School student Michelle (left) and her friend Notre Dame High School student Tierna (right) decided to use the event as an opportunity to raise money for AFRP animals. They set up their own booth, complete with Animal Friends brochures and information, and sold their handmade cork trivets and bath salts. At the end of the day, they had raised $175 for AFRP animals! Thank you Michelle and Tierna!

* Special note: Michelle and Tierna participated in Aromas Day once again in 2007! Tierna sold her homemade bath salts and raised $50, and Michelle set up a table and raised $80 by doing face painting, charging $1 per face. She kicked in $20 of her own and sent AFRP a check for $100. Thank you Tierna and Michelle for thinking of AFRP when organizing your annual community service project!

Madison and Isabella are twins who celebrated their 6th birthday in style! Instead of asking their guests to bring traditional gifts to their party, they asked for pet food and supplies instead. The thirty kindergarten-aged children who attended the pet-themed party brought an astounding assortment of cat and dog treats, toys and food. After the party, Madison, Isabella and their mom brought all the donated supplies to the AFRP adoption center, and spent time petting all the cats and kittens there waiting for homes.

Isabella, Vito and Julianna read the story about Baxter, an abandoned lab puppy that was severely injured after being hit by a car and dragged along a busy road. They decided to help Baxter by raising money to go towards his vet expenses. They printed out flyers and posted them all around their local neighborhood and businesses. Thanks to the compassion of these three kids, and generous contributions from community members who donated to the Baxter Fund, we are happy to report that Baxter has healed beautifully and has been adopted by a wonderful family.

Brian, Luis, Michael, Sean and Jonah are students at Pacific Grove High School. One of their classes encouraged community involvement, and the boys decided to raise money for AFRP by organizing a neighborhood garage sale. They collected items, posted signs and had a very productive day, raising over $300 for Animal Friends dogs and cats!


One afternoon in August, 5-year-old Parise arrived at the AFRP Adoption Center bearing gifts for the animals! By the time Parise’s dad Randy had finished unloading the car, an impressive assortment of pet food, towels and blankets, dog and cat toys, beds, pet food bowls, pet journals and even a digital camera sat neatly in a pile. Parise had just celebrated her birthday, and instead of expecting her guests to bring birthday gifts to the party, she and her mom Indie printed out the AFRP Wish List from the web site and included it in the invitations. The idea was so popular that even the guests who couldn’t attend the party dropped off donations for the animals. Many of the children who did attend said they’d like to do the same thing for their birthday parties!

Paige and Jake of Carmel wanted a special project to do one weekend. Their family had adopted several kittens from AFRP, and the kids decided to organize a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to help other animals waiting for homes. The idea grew and soon their teacher at Carmel River School, Pam Gillooly, along with 10-12 other students and parents wanted to help too! Each student made 2-4 dozen cookies to sell along with the lemonade at $1 per cup. They got permission to set up the stand in front of the Albertson’s at Carmel Rancho Shopping Center. At the end of the day, they had raised over $300 for AFRP cats and dogs. A matching grant from the business where Paige and Jake’s dad works brought the total to over $425!

Emma and Jordan are in the second grade at San Carlos School in Monterey. This year, for their annual joint birthday celebration, they decided they would rather help local animals than receive birthday gifts for themselves.

Emma and Jordan selected Animal Friends Rescue Project to be the recipient of their birthday fundraising efforts. AFRP provided them with brochures and educational literature to pass out to their party guests, and the girls made wonderful posters featuring photos of the dogs and cats that AFRP has available for adoption. The girls made their own party decorations, including cute “doggie ears” for guests to wear.

By the end of the day, Emma and Jordan had proudly raised over $500 to help the homeless dogs and cats in the care of Animal Friends Rescue Project. It is truly heartwarming to know that there are compassionate young people like Emma and Jordan who understand at such an early age how rewarding it can be “to give instead of receive.”


If there is anything else you would like to know about Animal Friends Rescue Project, please email us at or call us at (831) 333-0722. Also, let us know if you are interested in joining our mailing list.

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