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Planned Giving

Your support of Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) with a "planned gift" can help you now, while providing AFRP with income in the future to carry on its mission of saving animals' lives.

A "planned gift", one which you arrange during your lifetime but which is not received by the AFRP until some future date, offers certain specific financial benefits to you, the giver.

Take a few moments to read the information below. Please contact us if you want more information or if you are interested in helping us with one of the planned gift options that will also help you.

PLANNED GIVING - An Introduction
Over the past couple of decades the concept of planned giving has become popular with charitable organizations and their donors.

Planned giving enables a donor to realize significant financial gains while providing support to a favorite charity. When used creatively, planned giving can be adopted to fit both your needs and the charity's goals. In reviewing these strategies, you may find that your generosity will not only insure the future work of AFRP but will also help you in your desire to be philanthropic and financially secure. We ask that you think about these concepts and consider entering into a partnership with us to save the lives of thousands of animals in the years to come.

Remember that when you make a planned gift immediate and long term benefits accrue to you, the donor, and your generosity will be realized by AFRP in the future.

A gift to AFRP in your will provides your estate with an unlimited tax deduction. AFRP can be named as a beneficiary under your will in several ways -as the recipient of an outright gift, either in a designated amount or as a percentage of your estate; or as a residuary beneficiary to receive the balance of your estate after specific amounts have been paid to other beneficiaries. You can also add AFRP to your will through a codicil without re-writing your entire will.

Real Estate:
A residence, a vacation home, acreage (even a farm) or an unimproved parcel of land may have appreciated so significantly in value that its sale by you would generate a substantial income tax. By making a gift of a full or partial interest in real estate to AFRP, you will avoid tax on the long-term capital gain and generate an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property. It is also possible to make a gift of your primary residence or second home while retaining an exclusive life estate so that you (and your spouse) can continue to use it for the rest of your lives while obtaining significant tax and estate planning benefits.

Life Insurance:
A gift of life insurance can provide a significant charitable deduction. To receive a deduction, the policy should be transferred to AFRP as owner and beneficiary. You will remain the insured. You may make annual gifts to us which we will use to pay policy premiums, and you can deduct these gifts for income tax purposes.

Charitable Remainder Trust:

A Unitrust is an irrevocable trust under which payments at a fixed rate, as set out initially in the trust, are paid to an individual or individuals for life or for a term of years, not to exceed twenty. The annual payment is calculated by multiplying the annual revaluation of the trust's investments by the fixed rate. This type of charitable remainder trust is used as an anticipated hedge against inflation. Whatever remains in the trust at the end of its term (lives or years) will go to AFRP in honor of the donor(s).

Annuity Trust
Similar to a Unitrust, an Annuity Trust has a fixed rate as well. However, in an Annuity Trust the rate is multiplied against the initial contribution to the trust, and that annuity amount is fixed permanently. Thus, an Annuity Trust is used to assure fixed annuity payments for the full term of the trust without risk, even though the trust may lose value in its investments due to market conditions. Again, AFRP will receive whatever remains in the trust at the end of its term in honor of the donor(s).

In the case of either type of Charitable Remainder Trust, a contribution by you of appreciated property (e.g., securities, real estate or personal property) will enable you to avoid tax on any long-term capital gain. Therefore, you might contribute highly-appreciated property that is providing you with a low return of income in exchange for a higher fixed rate in the trust without having to recognize the capital gain for individual income tax purposes.

Charitable Lead Trust:
As opposed to a Charitable Remainder Trust, this trust pays an annuity or unitrust amount to AFRP for a term of years and returns the property to the donor or pays it over to other named individuals at the end of the term of the trust. With appropriate use of a Charitable Lead Trust, a donor may be able to shift ownership of valuable property to the next family generation at very low estate or gift tax cost.

For more information about these or any other tax-advantaged Charitable Planned Giving vehicles, please contact AFRP at (831) 333-0722 or email us at


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