Compassionate Surrender & Adoption Return

Animal Friends Rescue Project primarily helps the at-risk dogs and cats from our overburdened local shelters. Occasionally AFRP has space available to accept cats or dogs directly from the public. We do this on a case by case basis, giving priority to animals that currently live in or near Monterey County, CA. Often these are dogs or cats whose guardians have passed away or that can no longer care for their pets due to illness or other life challenges.

To be considered for this program, your dog or cat needs to have current veterinary records and have a good temperament. We are unable to accept dogs that have a history of biting or aggressive behavior. Your dog will need to pass an evaluation by our behavior specialist before being accepted into the program. We are unable to accept extremely shy or feral cats into our adoption program.

Our Compassionate Surrender Program guarantees that your pet will receive excellent care while waiting for a new home, including comprehensive veterinary care, high quality food, love and companionship. Potential adopters will be carefully screened before your pet goes to a new home. Best of all, AFRP provides a safety net for your dog or cat if they should ever need to find a new home in the future. The suggested tax deductible donation of $500 helps defray the cost of your animal’s expenses while in our care, and helps us rescue other animals in need of help.

If you would like to be considered for this program, email with a photo and brief description of your pet and circumstances. We receive many more requests than we are able to handle, but we will respond to you and provide other resources when possible.

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