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Volunteer Opportunities

If you love animals, we have a rewarding volunteer opportunity for you. You can gain valuable animal experience by volunteering, and you'll have the satisfaction of helping homeless animals. If you are over age 18, please download a volunteer application and print it out. Fill out the form neatly and mail it back to us: AFRP, P.O. Box 51083, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. Our Volunteer Coordinator will then review your application and contact you with the next training session in your area.

We need your help most in the following areas:

Foster Care:
Provide temporary shelter, care and love for adoption animals. Some need a few nights' stay until they get adopted, others need a home until they reach an adoptable age or recover from trauma. For more details on what fostering is all about, click here...
Animal Transportation:
Transport animals to veterinarian, adoption sites, grooming facilities or wherever necessary.Must be available some weekdays during business hours.
Adoption Counselor:
Facilitate adoptions for cats and/or dogs at AFRP's Adoption Center in Pacific Grove (open Tues-Sat, 12-5pm), PetsMart in Santa Cruz (evenings and weekends), or at offisite adoption events. Must be able to commit to two weekday shifts per month (2-3 hours) or one Saturday shift per month (3-4 hours).
Cat Care:
Assist in caring for kitties at our adoption center in Pacific Grove or at one of our adoption sites in Pacific Grove, Salinas or Santa Cruz. Clean kitty condos, wash dishes and litter pans, feed and water kitties, provide clean beds and toys, make sure kitties are comfortable and happy. Must be able to commit to at least one shift per week. (2-3 hours).
Office Work:
Help AFRP staff with data entry and filing. Must be available weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM. Must be able to commit to at least two shifts per month. (2 hours)
Donation Box Helper:
Help AFRP raise funds by collecting the donations from AFRP donation boxes located in businesses and dropping money off at the AFRP office.
Help keep AFRP kitties happy by washing cat beds. Take laundry home or to a laundromat. AFRP will provide the quarters and detergent if necessary. Laundry can be done any day, any time.
Treasure Shop:
Volunteers are always welcome at the Treasure Shop to assist with sales and donations. The shop, located at 158 Fountain Avenue in P.G, is open daily 10am-4pm. Shift lengths are flexible. To volunteer please call 831-333-0491 or click here to email. All proceeds help support AFRP's rescue and adoption programs.

But don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to direct your talent and enthusiam for animals in areas such as fundraising, photography, education, public relations, special events, leadership, animal socializing, dog handling, etc.

If there is anything else you would like to know about Animal Friends Rescue Project, please email us at or call us at (831) 333-0722. Also, let us know if you are interested in joining our mailing list.

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