Emma's New Adventures!

Emma's New Adventures!

22 de February, 2024Brooke Jimenez
We're thrilled to share a heartwarming update about our newly adopted Emma, who has found her forever home with an owner who absolutely adores her!
According to her owner, Emma and her have been enjoying lots of quality time together, watching Schitt's Creek and cozying up on the couch. But they also spend a lot of time exploring together! She says that Emma is on a mission to explore EVERY blade of grass and every flower in Pacific Grove.
Emma’s adopter shares that “Emma is adapting well! We're learning a ton still and we have a really strong bond already (at least I think we do, she hasn't told me otherwise). It's early, but I already feel like she's brought a lot more intention into my life. Everything seems to matter a little bit more now that I have someone to take care of. It's a super scary commitment, and I wasn't sure I would be good enough. But even though I'm in the hardest bit of it right now, I already feel so much better. There's a lot of support in the animal-loving community, and if you care enough to be nervous, you care enough to create a great life for an animal."
This journey with Emma highlights the transformative power of love and companionship, enriching both Emma's life and her owner's

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