Financial Assistance for Pet Guardians

Providing vet care is an essential part of pet ownership, but medical emergencies can come up at any time and the cost of caring for your companion animal can add up quickly. We get calls nearly every day from distraught pet owners needing help with vet bills. While AFRP does not have funding available for individuals needing financial assistance for their pets, we have provided links to several programs that do help pet owners cover emergency medical expenses and other lifesaving medical treatment.

We also encourage pet owners to plan ahead by enrolling their animals in one of the many pet insurance programs available that can cover major medical expenses for a small monthly fee.

Organizations that provide assistance to pet guardians living in the Monterey Bay area:

BirchBark Foundation

Max’s Helping Paws Foundation

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Helping Paw Program

Luke's Legacy Wellness Waggin'

Care Credit
No-Interest Payment Plan for Veterinary Care

For pet guardians living outside the Monterey Bay area:

Red Rover

This is a searchable state-by-state database for pet guardians looking for financial assistance for vet care or domestic violence safe housing grants