Rehoming Your Pet

We at AFRP understand that many families go through numerous hardships and at times have to make difficult decisions. 

Our goal is to be a resource to our community. If you are considering rehoming your pet, we are here to help you decide the best course of action—a couple of questions to consider before surrendering your pet. 
  1. Do you want to keep your pet but need help with resources (medical, pet supplies, or something else)? If yes, learn more about available resources HERE and visit our financial assistance page. 
  2. Are you seeking assistance with training or behavioral help? If yes, learn more by visiting the SPCA of Monterey County's Training and Behavior page. 
  3. Are you sure you can no longer keep your pet and want to rehome them?
  4. Would you be willing to take your pet back if your life circumstances changed? If yes, have you considered short-term housing with a friend or family member?

We strongly encourage you to explore all options before rehoming your pet. Animal shelters and new environments/people can be a stressful place for your pet, and he/she is better off staying at home until a new home is found. Bringing your pet to a shelter should be a last resort. 

Here are some helpful tips to try before you rehome your pet: 

  • Is there a friend or family member that would be willing to adopt your pet from you?
  • Have you tried rehoming your pet using online platforms like Next Door, Facebook, Courtesy posts, or contacted breed-specific rescues? Click here to submit a courtesy listing request form on our website. Make sure to spread the word by enlisting the help of friends and family
    • Give yourself time to rehome your pet to find the best home. Your home is usually the best place for your pet while you find a new adopter.
    • Remember to use caution when rehoming your pet to unknown individuals.
      • Ask questions and meet in a public place. Do they have a fenced yard? An established relationship with their veterinarian? Are there other pets/children in the house? Are they away from home during the day for long periods of time? Do they keep their pets indoor vs outdoor?
      • If you are interested in keeping in touch to hear updates, make sure you make that clear and set expectations for the new home upfront.
    • Work on increasing adoptability by ensuring your pet is up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered.
    • Remember to update your microchip and license information if you do rehome your pet

Is your pet a candidate for AFRP?

At this time due to lack of foster space, we are currently closed to owner surrender requests. As a foster-based organization that means we do not have a brick and mortar facility or boarding space. If you have adopted from us in the past, and need help concerning a return please email us at the address below. 

If you have any additional questions or would like additional resources please email us at