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Share Your Adoption Story - Help AFRP Win!  
Pets brighten our lives, so let’s brighten theirs! Anyone who has adopted a pet from AFRP is invited to submit a story about how their adopted pet brightens their life. By sharing your adoption story, you can help AFRP win up to $100,000 in Holiday Wishes grant funds from the Petco Foundation! Share your story by September 23, noon CST. Winning adopters will receive up to a $1,000 Petco shopping spree to pamper their pets. Click here to read stories from previous winners, and to submit your story.

Looking for a Home!
Moonstone is a happy, handsome, playful and sweet 5-month-old Flame Point Siamese kitten that was born with a challenge. He suffers from Manx Syndrome, which means he not only has no tail, he is also missing a few vertebrae, causing problems with the nerves that control bowel and bladder function. Because of his incontinence, Moonstone requires some extra care, but he’s ready to prove that cats with special needs can lead perfectly happy lives. If you can give Moonstone a lifetime of love, call 831-333-0722 or fill out an online application. Click for adoption application.

Volunteer Spotlight
What do AFRP dogs Missy, Skipper, Lady, Lola, Orly, Taz and at least 10 others have in common? They were all fostered, evaluated, educated or invited to romp at daycare thanks to Katie LeBarre, owner of Doggy Daycare - An Enrichment Center in Seaside, CA. An AFRP volunteer for many years, Katie recently stepped up her commitment and has been an incredible resource for AFRP dogs needing just a few more skills to help them find their forever families. Join us in thanking Katie for her generosity, compassion, expertise and love for rescue dogs. Read more about Doggy Daycare - an Enrichment Center.

Fosters Needed for Medical Animals
We need your help! From time to time, we need volunteers that can care for injured dogs and cats needing crate rest while they heal. AFRP is often the last hope for shelter animals in need of medical care, and we want to coninue to be able to say YES when those desperate calls come in. This is usually a 6-8 week commitment. AFRP provides everything you need, including crate, blankets, food, toys, advice, support and medical care. You can get started by calling 831-333-0722 or by filling out an AFRP volunteer application. Click for volunteer application.

Wish List Item of the Month - Dog DNA Tests
What breed is that? We’d love to have some DNA test kits on hand in hopes of helping some of our mystery mixed breed dogs find their forever homes. Having a DNA test done might give potential adopters insight into a dog’s unique appearance, behaviors and wellness needs, and might predict how large a puppy will grow.  Donating is easy - Amazon will ship your item directly to our Adoption Center! Click here to view our Amazon wish list. wishlist

My Mutt Program - Make Your Pet a Star!
Does your pet hold a special place in your heart? Show your love for your cat or dog and support homeless animals by donating to AFRP through the Pet Food Express My Mutt Program! With a $250 donation, your pet will be professionally photographed and your dog or cat’s giant poster will be displayed at Pet Food Express. When they take the poster down, you’ll get to keep it for a lifetime of happy memories. Read more about the My Mutt Program! Click here for more information.


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