Considering Adoption?

We’ll help you find an animal that fits your home, interests and lifestyle.

You can save the life of a dog or cat by choosing to adopt ❤️

When you adopt from a Animal Friends Rescue Project, or one of the many shelters and rescue groups around the county, you’re not only adding a loyal and loving companion to your family, you’re helping to save lives.

Our goal is to make the best possible match for both the animal and the adopter. Since our organization is foster-based, we are very familiar with the animals in our care, and our staff members and volunteers are trained to help you find an excellent fit for your lifestyle. If you are interested in one of the dogs or cats listed on our website, please fill out an online application, and a representative will be in touch with more information.


purple paw Adopting a Cat 

purple pawAdopting a Dog 

We have a terrific selection of cats and kittens just waiting for someone like you! You can view our adoptable cats online or at our adoption locations. When you find a cat you love, the first step is to fill out our cat adoption application, either online or in person, at an adoption location. If you aren’t sure which cat is right for you, our adoption specialists love playing matchmaker and would be delighted to help you find a good fit.

We have a tail waggin’ assortment of adoptable dogs and puppies that would love to meet you! Our dogs are primarily housed in foster homes, and you can view their photos and profiles online. You can also meet adoptable dogs at our offsite adoption days. When you find a dog you love, the first step is to fill out a dog adoption application, either online or in person. If you aren’t sure which dog is right for you, our adoption specialists love playing matchmaker and would be delighted to help you find a good fit.

The Adoption Process:

AFRP strives to bring people and animals together through education and discovery. We consider important details such as a person's home, interests and lifestyle. Then we match those with an animal's social, exercise and training needs. Our goal is a loving home and a lasting bond. While we reserve the right to refuse an adoption, we make every effort to work with you to address concerns and to find the most appropriate companion animal.

All animals in our adoption program will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Dog adoption fees range from $200-$400. This includes but is not limited to spay/neuter, vaccines, microchipping, de-worming, and flea prevention.

Cat adoption fees are $150 or $200 for a pair. This includes but is not limited to spay/neuter, vaccines, microchipping, FIV/FeLV testing (cats 6 months & over), and flea prevention.

Adopters are encouraged to take their new AFRP companion animal to one of our participating vets for a free wellness check at one of our Participating Veterinary Hospitals, an approved list will be emailed at the time of adoption. 


  • Adopters must be at least 21 years old and present valid photo ID with proof of current address.
  • Written landlord approval or proof of home ownership is required
  • Some adoptions require pre-registration for positive-based training classes.
  • All household members are required to meet the new dog or cat prior to adoption; if you are applying to adopt a dog, and have a resident dog(s) they must meet as well. 
  • All adopted cats must be in carriers, and dogs must be on leash when they leave the care of Animal Friends Rescue Project.
  • Home checks are required for all dog adoptions and cat adoptions as deemed necessary.

Adoption Policies:

  • AFRP strives to make the best match for both the animal and the adopter.
  • AFRP does not place animals on hold.
  • New pet guardians must agree to provide their adopted companion animal with healthy food, water, indoor living space, exercise, training, companionship, veterinary care, and lots of love!
  • All our adoptable pets are spayed or neutered before adoption. They are current on age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, de-wormed, and have received flea prevention. Many of our animals have received a dental cleaning and some have undergone major or minor medical care. We share information with our adopters about each pet’s medical history while in our care. Once adopted, the new pet guardian is responsible for providing any vet care the dog or cat might need in the future.
  • We understand the importance of raising children with dogs and cats to foster compassion and responsibility. However, due to the fragile nature of young kittens, puppies, and small breed dogs, we encourage families to wait until their children are over six years old before adopting these vulnerable animals.
  • All cats and kittens in our program have only been indoor cats, therefore are not equipped to live safely outdoors. It is a requirement for the cats and kittens adopted from AFRP to be kept strictly indoors for their own safety and the safety of neighborhood birds and wildlife. With adequate play time and environmental enrichment, cats can live long, happy lives as indoor-only companions. “Catios” and cat-safe fencing are good options for cats that crave some safe outdoor time. 
  • AFRP primarily adopts to local residents and does not ship pets. We will adopt to families that live outside the Monterey Bay area if the adopter fulfills our adoption requirements and completes the adoption in person. If a dog home safety check cannot be done in person, photos or videos of the home, yard, and fencing can be sent to AFRP for approval. Long-distance adopters are responsible for all travel expenses.
  • AFRP gives a lifetime promise to each animal adopted from our program. While we strive to place each animal in a home where they will be cared for throughout their lives, we understand that unforeseen situations can happen. As a foster-based rescue, we will give any animal adopted from AFRP special consideration should they need to be returned. The return of the animal will be based on space, foster availability and a medical, and behavioral assessment. Advance notice for a pet return request is required as we are a foster-based rescue and do not have a boarding facility.
  • New pet guardians must agree to provide positive reinforcement training as needed, and if behavioral issues arise. You agree to NEVER use aversive training methods/tools (which include but are not limited to shock collars, prong/choke collars, and electrical fencing…).


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