Get Involved

Adopt a pet and save a life

You can save the life of a dog or cat by choosing to adopt. In 2022, around 378,000 cats and dogs were killed in this country’s shelters, simply because they didn’t have a safe place to call home.

When you adopt from Animal Friends Rescue Project or one of the many shelters and rescue groups around the tri-county, you’re not only adding a loyal and loving companion to your family, but you’re also helping to save lives.

Not sure you're ready to adopt?

You can still make a lifesaving difference when you foster a cat or dog.

Not sure you can foster, become a volunteer

Wherever you live, whatever your experience or interests, there are countless ways to volunteer your time for pets in need.

From administrative, marketing, and event support roles to opportunities to help with animal care, transport, and community cat programs, you’ll find interesting roles best suited for you.