Animal Friends Rescue Project Story


Back in 1998, a group of animal-loving friends took the first steps to forever change the future for shelter animals. We began with a handful of volunteers, a garage office space, and a modest adoption corner at a local pet store.

We were creating a safe place for homeless animals to rest and recover from the ground up.

We did it with passion, believing that every pet deserves the chance to know love and companionship. We emphasized positive change and what we could accomplish together.

Even in those early days, each act of lifesaving counted, no matter how small or unseen. We weren't just building a rescue organization, we were laying the groundwork for how our community looks at and looks out for its homeless dogs and cats. We were shaping the way we care for our most beloved companions. We shared whatever we had, and the more we shared, the more we were given.

We are led by a dedicated team of Board of Directors, staff, and incredibly supportive volunteers.

We partner with local animal shelters to rescue the most vulnerable and at-risk animals. Particularly, animals in need of urgent medical care, underage puppies and kittens, and animals who require more time to adjust.

Working together, we continue to build a foundation of compassion and inclusion to help both pets and people.

small dog

Our mission remains the same

After 25 years, it still comes down to small, simple acts of kindness and the belief that every animal deserves a chance at find a loving home.

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