Our First Adventure

Our First Adventure

Aug 07, 2023Debra Long
"Just wanted to provide you with a quick update. We went on our first adventure van trip together to Nevada City/Truckee for a week and they loved it. They did SO well and really enjoyed the great outdoors. This was a trial run for our big 2 week trip to Oregon coming up and things went so much better than expected. This type of exposure really helped them with their overall confidence and we noticed they are less reactive to the "unknown" back home on walks, etc. and even other dogs. We are currently training them to run alongside our bikes so one day they can go mountain biking with us on some mellow single track loops. They definitely enjoy that challenge and try to out run us 😂 They don't realize we are taking it slow for their safety! We appreciate their eagerness though. We continue to take them to agility and they really seem to enjoy it. They are quite the little super stars in Agility I at California Canine 😀 We couldn't be happier with these two!"
We are so thrilled to hear that Cosmo and Lexi (now Maizy) are thriving in their forever home!!
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