Jasper's Happy Ending!

Jasper's Happy Ending!

Jan 26, 2024Brooke Jimenez
Levi, now Jasper is thriving in his forever home! His lovely adopter shared this with us:
"Jasper, is doing great! You may have heard that his brother was adopted by a couple in our neighborhood, and we had a puppy playdate just this morning. Everyone in this house is just crazy about Jasper and he's growing like a weed. I've attached a photo from Christmas, but he's grown even since then! He's been to some puppy kindergarten classes at California Canine and will start a puppy manners class on Saturday. Oh and he gets the last of his DHPP vaccines next week and we'll finally be able to take him on hikes and to the beach. We can't wait!”
We are overjoyed to witness Jasper's journey in his forever home, and stories like these remind us why rescuing animals is so rewarding. A heartfelt thank you to his loving family for making a difference in his life!

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