Five Reasons to Adopt a Kit-teen!

Five Reasons to Adopt a Kit-teen!

Jan 18, 2024Dawn Bornman

There is nothing like bringing home a little furry kitten bundle. A tiny creature that’ll almost fit in the palm of your hand. And for many homes, this is a good way to go. But for other homes, looking at slightly older kittens might be a better option, especially for those with other pets or children.

Older kittens know who they are. When you adopt a kitten at 6 months old or older, you will have a good idea of what their personalities will be, how they interact with other animals or humans, how they like to play and how they like to spend their days. 

Older kittens are less destructive. Kittens approaching adulthood will be less likely to damage your home. They are still playful and will enjoy chasing a string toy or bouncing after a spring, but often they don’t have the boundless energy and unlimited desire to explore to the extend very young kittens have. Your curtains may be safe. 

Older kittens are cleaner. As cute as the tiny kittens are, lets face it, they are messy. They spread food and litter wherever they go. Young kittens also have sensitive digestive systems and that can lead to a bit of diarrhea (which in turn can lead to those poopy little paw prints on the floor), whereas older kittens have already outgrown this unpleasant phase. 

Older kittens are often well-socialized. There are many downsides to spending time in a shelter or a kennel environment, but there is at least one upside. Older kittens who have been housed in a shelter or kennel setting have a lot of experience meeting different kinds of people, other cats and often even dogs. This may also make them good candidates for harness training.

And finally, older kittens appreciate the love. There is no science behind this, but some of my favorite adoptions have been with older kittens, with fewer returns and excellent results. And for a foster or an adoptions coordinator, there is nothing like seeing a kitten you’ve watched grow and blossom finally find a home and a family of their own. 


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