Kitten Season is Sneaking Up!

Kitten Season is Sneaking Up!

Jan 12, 2024Dawn Bornman

Kitten season is a term used to describe the time of year when cats give birth to their litters, usually during the spring and summer months. It is a time when animal shelters become overwhelmed with an influx of kittens, and it highlights the importance of spaying and neutering animals.

Overpopulation is a serious concern with an estimated 30-40 million community cats in the United States alone. These cats produce around 80% of the kittens born. Beat the heat and get your kitten or cat spayed/neutered today! We offer low-cost S/N services through our clinic, click here to complete an application. Also, if you need help with community cats (outdoor cats) click here to learn more. 

Together we can help end the overpopulation crisis! 

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