Quick Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress for Your Pets

Quick Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress for Your Pets

Dec 20, 2023Dawn Bornman

The holidays are a time for food, friends, family, and fun. But, sadly for many of our pets the holidays just mean fear, anxiety, and stress.

Starting with Halloween and continuing through December and the New Year, the holidays can bring a lot of changes to our environments, such as an increase in visitors to the home, boarding, travel, and decorations. All of these can be triggers of stress, and anxiety in our pets. 

Some things you can do to help alleviate the stress and anxiety for your pet: 

  • Create a safe space so your pet can retreat, avoid socialization, and visitors if they want. Give them a choice!
  • Provide them with calming music, pheromone plug-ins (Adaptil-dog or Feliway-cat), food puzzles/kongs, favorite toys/items.
  • Spend time with them away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Ask your vistors to not pursue your pet if they would rather be left alone. 
  • Do not force them to wear costumes or holidays clothes if they seem anxious or tense. 

Hopefully these tips help you, and your pets to enjoy the holiday season worry free! Happy holidays from the AFRP family to yours! 

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